19 April 2005


What I learned today... That there is a difference between drywall compound and drywall filler. Doh!

Raman, from my work, was kind enough to help me and my husband Edmund mud the drywall we put up in our entrance hall and living area. I have never before ventured into the world of home improvement. Being a renter for many, many years, I have grown accustomed to not doing much to the place and phoning the landlord when things broke. Well, the land of home ownership is a whole new ballgame. Last weekend, my hands were covered with drywall filler and I actually enjoyed it. Weird...

No welcoming arms

Cardinal Ratzinger is now the Pope, the leader of the Catholic Church. This only reinforces my decision to not be a participant of the Church I grew up in. This Pope is even more conservative than the last. I do not see how he will convince me to come back into the fold. But maybe that is their objective. To weed out all those who want change and debate. I am so disappointed at this selection. I was hoping that the Church would jump at this chance to change direction, to inject some new thinking and approaches. But, sadly, they have shown that they want to stay the course of authoritarianism and conservatism.