15 January 2014

Revelstoke visit

Let's go skiing!IMG_2988Waiting for their ski gearGot her skisPutting on the skisEthan and Oma
Maddy and MonOn the magic carpetDown the hill we goLet's go againShe's liking itOur little skier
Taking a breakToo cuteDoing the airplaneShe's skiingPracticing the airplaneLet's do snow angels
Snow angelsSnow ballsShowing off our snow ballsMommy and cutieIMG_6238IMG_3041
Revelstoke, Dec 2013, a set on Flickr.
We spent a few days in Revelstoke with our friends, the Blommesteins. We had a wonderful time and it was such a treat to put my skis back on again after four years, even though I didn't make it off the bunny hill. I love to go skiing and I am glad to be sharing it with Ed and Sophia. Thank you to JME&M, Oma, and Opa for the amazing hospitality!

14 January 2014

My 3 words for 2014

Definition: Self-discipline can be defined as the ability to motivate oneself in spite of a negative emotional state. Qualities associated with self-discipline include willpower, hard work, and persistence.

Definition:  a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

Definition: The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

I read this blog post a couple of years ago and I liked the idea of coming up with 3 words that will help me define my goals and experiences, words that I can use as guideposts as I navigate life this year.

13 January 2014

Goals for 2014

1) Keep journaling
I think for the first time since starting a journal in 2005, I have missed writing in it for two full months (Nov, Dec 2013).  That is pretty sad and not a habit I wish to continue.  Writing is good for me.  It helps  quiet my self-talk, which is usually negative or work-related (i.e., stressful).  Getting stuff out of my head and into my journal helps me relax, as I unload my brain.  It also captures moments that I end up forgetting.  Journaling is healthy and necessary.   No matter how busy my life gets, I must make time for capturing and unloading my thoughts to my journal.  This is a must.

2) Keep CrossFitting
It took me almost three years after having a baby to get back to the gym regularly.  I started going to a CrossFit gym last May and I’ve managed to keep at it.  I attend the 6am class, which a few years ago, I would have thought completely impossible for me to do.  But having a baby trains parents to wake up early, and so getting up and going to a 6am class has become achievable for me.

3) Keep my cool
Sophia is a capricious, mercurial 3-year old.  Spread the jam on the toast in a way she dislikes, and boom, an emotional outburst ensues.  In a snap, she goes from being jovial to throwing a tantrum.  And I sometimes lose my patience with her and we end up fighting.  So, my goal is to keep calm, cool and neutral when these outbursts occur and when we’re butting heads about one thing or another.  This, at times, is such a huge challenge but I have to keep trying and trying.  I don’t know any other human being who can make me so angry!  But she is my child, she is precious, and our relationship is precious.  I can’t afford to not keep trying.