20 August 2010

A time of change

On Aug 4, our baby girl Sophia Nelida was born at BC Women’s Hospital. Ed and I are totally thrilled to have her and our lives will never be the same again. We came home on Aug 6 and we’ve been adjusting to life with baby Sophia fairly well. She has inherited Ed’s very heallthy appetite and also his ability to sleep very soundly. Both good traits to have in a baby. Our life revolves around her feeding schedule, which makes doing other stuff (like sleeping, eating, showering, etc) a challenge. But she’s been quite good so far and I won’t complain about anything. She’s a joy to have around and provides us with endless entertainment. I can’t believe it has been two weeks since we came home. The days and nights have gone by very quickly. It’s fun getting to know her better.

Ed has been home with me and has taken the rest of August off from work. Both Sophia and I have kept him quite busy. My job is to feed Sophia and it is Ed’s job to feed me. He’s been my chef at home. And from Aug 9 to 14, my niece Sabrina stayed with us to help out. She was a huge help and we really enjoyed having her with us. And I was so happy that she got to spend time with Sophia, too.

We also have had to buy a bigger, more suitably sized car since my sports coupe just doesn’t work well with a baby. I hung on as long as I could but it’s time to replace it. So this past week, we ordered the 2011 Subaru Outback and it should be here in a couple of months. For now, we use Ed’s car, a 4-door sedan, as our main baby vehicle. The Outback is my first ever brand new car puchase! How exciting.

The next change has to do with my hair. At the end of 2006, I decided to grow my hair long and I’ve enjoyed having long hair. I have been mulling over cutting it since last spring and finally, yesterday, I gave my hair stylist permission to chop it off. I’ve had my hair in a pony tail the last two weeks anyway. I still have the bangs but now have a bob to go with it. It feels so light having it this short!

Lots of exciting changes, for sure. Kids grow very quickly, though, and so I try to savour every moment and every change brought on by our little baby. And as I said earlier, our lives will never be the same again - and that’s a good thing.