27 April 2010

Costco, thumbs up; Dyson, thumbs down

The hose that connects the canister to the vacuum head split open last week. We bought this Dyson vacuum in May 2009 so i was pretty disappointed that it would break already. Prior to the Dyson, I had a Beaumark vacuum that I used for 10 years. In fact, Ed’s brother is still using it to this day. The Dyson vacuum is way more expensive than the Beaumark one so I guess my expectation was that it would be trouble-free, too. Fortunately, Dyson has a 5-year warranty and we bought the vacuum from Costco, who are so good about taking the product back and replacing it with a new one. Hassle-free, really. I hope they don’t just throw away the old vacuum, though, because aside from the hose, it works just fine.

I’ll have to keep a closer eye on the hose this time around. Hopefully, this unit will last longer than the last one. But if it does break down, I hope it happens before the warranty runs out!

14 April 2010

Easter in Chelan, WA

We spent Easter weekend in Chelan, WA with our friends Lizza and Pat. Lizza is my best friend from grade school and we try to meet up at least once a year. Lake Chelan and the wineries in the surrounding hills are the main attractions in Chelan. The weather, though, was not yet warm enough for any swimming or boating activities but it was great for visiting the tasting rooms in the wineries. We visited four wineries - Vin du Lac, Bensons Vineyards, Tildio, and Tsillan Cellars. According to Ed and Pat, they liked the wines from Tsillan Cellars the best. We had a late lunch at Tsillan Cellars and the food was delicious, too.

We haven’t seen Lizza and Pat since last July, when they came to Vancouver for a visit. This was the first time Lizza saw me with my baby bump and she was quite excited about it. She even took a photo of my belly only. My head was cut off from the picture! I guess that’s a sign of things to come anyway.

I love having these get-togethers with them. Old friends truly should be treasured and that’s how I feel about Lizza and Pat. And even though we don’t see each other very often, it always feels like we just saw each other yesterday when we do meet up. Lizza and I always amuse Pat and Ed with stories of our high school escapades. Always great fun being with them and we look forward to the next get together.

Lake Chelan Easter weekend at Lake Chelan At Vin du Lac Winery At Tsillan Cellars