30 April 2009

Weak hips

Apparently, my left hip is weak and my left IT band is tight. This was the physiotherapist’s diagnosis as the causes for the pain in my left knee when I run. He gave me a bunch of exercises to do everyday to strengthen my hip muscles to keep my hip stable when I run. I’ve also had to stretch my IT band by rolling on it. And Patrick, my physio guy, has been massaging it too during our sessions and holy cow, it hurts!!!

But it’s all good. I look forward to the day when I can run and not worry about my knee hurting. Oh, the other assignment Patrick gave me was to replace my running shoes which are now over a year old. Did you know that you’re supposed to replace your running shoes every 600 - 800km? I thought at first that that was a lot but when I calculated that I could run about 18km to 25km a week, that would be 45 weeks max to reach 800km. That’s not even a whole year. Anyway, I decided on the Mizuno Wave Creation 10 which feel sublime on my feet. I’m excited to get them out on the road when Patrick gives me the go-ahead to run again.

20 April 2009

A newborn baby

In the evening of April 12, one of my closest friends, Yvette, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Avery. Since Brian, her husband, had to look after Avery’s big bro Joshua, I volunteered to sleep at the hospital on the Monday night and stay with Yvette. The “problem” was I have never carried a newborn baby. I usually wait until the baby is 3 or 4 months old and can hold up their head. But for me to be any help to Yvette that night, I had to carry the baby. I was awkward and nervous but I’m glad to report that I didn’t drop or hurt the baby in any way. Whew!

Congratulations to Yvette, Bri, and Joshie! And thanks for letting me be part of her arrival into this world.

9 April 2009

Holy week and Easter

I was raised in the Catholic faith. My mom was very devout and made sure her children went to church regularly. I also went to a Catholic school (honestly, I think all the schools in Manila were Catholic anyway) where I learned all about the religion. Lenten season is observed - no meat on Fridays, practice sacrifice, do penance for your sins, etc. Holy Week is a huge deal in the Philippines. People usually travel to their home towns and spend Holy Week and Easter with their extended family. There are lots of religious ceremonies throughout the week, the most hard core one involving actually nailing individuals (usually men but I don’t think women are prohibited) to a cross. Some people walk on their knees from the door of the church to the altar while praying. Lots of prayers and processions. Then on Easter Sunday, the somberness is replaced with rejoicing and celebration.

I used to give up junk food during Lent. As someone who loves junk food, I viewed this as the ultimate sacrifice. No chips and cheezies for 40 days! I don’t practice the ceremonies and observances of the religion anymore but i still always think of junk food when Easter comes around.

8 April 2009

Not bustling

For lunch today, I went to The Butler Did It, a nearby eatery. This place is usually bustling during lunch hour. But today, there were lots of empty tables and the place was just not busy. I’ll have to go back in a few days to see if today was an anomaly or if this is the way it is now with the recession. I have been packing left-overs for my lunch, mainly to watch my spending in these uncertain times. Based on the lack of customers at the Butler today, I think lots of other people are doing the same.

2 April 2009

Happy anniversary

Ed and I went to Guu in Gastown last Tuesday night to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We had a very enjoyable evening and are looking forward to our seventh year together. It's been a very good ride, so far. We have our ups and downs but overall, I think we're doing quite well. Here are some photos from our wedding day...

During the photo shoot, early in the morning. I think that was my breakfast (congee) that I was carrying in the bag. And my shoes.

Signing the registry. I really dig that feather pen!

Done deal; Ed and I walk down the aisle after the ceremony.