14 December 2010

December update

The Christmas festivities have begun. Ed, Sophia, and I attended my work Christmas party last Dec 3. Since I am on maternity leave, I have seen my coworkers only a handful of times since August. It was great to see everybody and have a chance to catch up with my colleagues. Sophia got passed around the whole evening and she was such a good sport about it. She didn’t cry or whine at all. She looked so cute in her lovely red polka dot dress. (Thank you to my Tita Baby for the dress.)
Sophia and her red dress.

The following evening, we asked a friend, Kiran, to babysit Sophia so that Ed and I could attend his work Christmas dinner at Chambar. It was the first time we have left Sophia with somebody else. Kiran and Sophia had a very good evening together, thankfully! And it was such a treat to be able to sit and eat dinner leisurely, with adult conversation to boot. The food was delicious, too.  Thanks, Kiran, for looking after our baby girl.

Sophia sleeping on Kiran.

On my birthday, Ed took the day off work (the best gift ever!) so that I don’t spend the day taking care of Sophia by myself. He also gave me a lovely present - a beautiful Mikimoto pearl necklace pendant. We went to the Secret Garden in Kerrisdale for high tea. I am a big fan of tea and going for high tea is always a special treat for me. It was Sophia’s and Ed’s first high tea! Unfortunately, I brought the camera but forgot to put in the memory card (mommy brain!) so no pictures of us enjoying our tea. Boo.

Sophia is 4 months old now and she has started to grab things with her hands. I mean actually focus on something and direct her hands toward the object. She has also started to squeal and giggle and “talk” more. I think she has realized that the sound she is hearing is her own voice. She sucks on her fingers and “talks” to herself. Sometimes it sounds like she’s singing. So cute. She also makes a clicking sound with her tongue, which she plays with a lot. We have started to put her down and get her to fall asleep without being rocked and swayed. This is a big development for us! And she usually falls asleep on her own, with some crying and whining, but it doesn’t take her long to do so. She’s figuring it out. She still sleeps longer when I am holding her compared to when she’s sleeping on her own. But I’m sure as she gets more accustomed to it, she’ll sleep longer and more restfully on her own.
She's getting taller!
Still small enough to fit in a pail.

Touching Neo for the first time.

Go, Canucks, go!