24 July 2011

She's walking!

I went out for lunch last Wednesday and when I came home, my mom-in-law says from the living room, "Come see your daughter!".  I then find Sophia looking so happy and proud of herself, doing laps around the room, walking on her own!  She's been taking a few steps on her own but has been much more comfortable when holding on to us.  That must have been a really good nap she had that morning because she somehow got over her fear.  So, of course, I grab the camera and follow her around....

In the last four days, she's gotten faster and more steady.  She's lowering one arm now (versus walking like Frankenstein) and even waves to people as she walks by them.  She's definitely having a lot of fun with this walking thing!

9 July 2011

Pool party

Today, Ed, Sophia and I went to a pool party hosted by Ed’s colleague, Sean. Three years ago was the inaugural pool party and we were pretty tipsy by 5pm and Ed was lights-out by 7pm. This time around, we arrived with a portable crib, booster seat, etc for our baby Sophia, and we hardly touched any alcohol at all. Ed and Sophia enjoyed the pool for about 30 mins, then I got Sophia bathed and ready for a nap. She managed to nap for about 40 mins (the techno music was pretty loud so I was quite impressed that she slept through that). After walking her around for a little bit, it was time for her dinner. I managed to say hi to people while she was napping but otherwise, my attention was on Sophia. Partying is just so different when there’s a baby around! But still, we were glad we went and Sophia had a good time swimming and being around other people. I think she quite enjoyed the techno music and she even stayed up until 10pm! We have a party animal in the making, I say.