19 February 2007

Finally done

Ed and I are done with our Wild Rose D-Tox program, finally. The last day was last Friday. We have slowly started to eat the foods not allowed in the program. We both feel pretty good physically and overall, it was actually a good experience. I’m glad and proud that we did the cleanse. I think initially, we were nervous about it since we didn’t know what to expect but we proved to ourselves that we are able to be more organized about planning our meals and more importantly, we are willing to make the healthier food choices.

I’m certainly more aware now when I eat sugary or processed foods. I don’t deny myself but I also monitor how much of it I consume. I lost some weight during the D-Tox but I’ve gained some of it back already which I’m happy about. The big highlight for me during the twelve days is the meal I whipped up without a recipe. I actually invented a dish!

11 February 2007

Day 7 and counting

We’re on Day 7 of our D-Tox and so far, so good. We’ve tried new recipes and have been very diligent about sticking to the meal plan. I feel pretty good. I feel hungry more often, though, so it feels like I’m constantly eating. The downside is the more I eat, the more I need to plan ahead because I can’t just grab any convenience food. But aside from that, it’s been smooth going.

This morning, Ed and I joined our friends for dimsum. We had congee and some tofu but none of the really cool dimsum stuff. But it was not as traumatic as I thought it would be, sitting there with all this yummy food that I can’t eat within reach, just tempting me. Instead, I enjoyed my friends’ company and didn’t focus on the food. Come to think of it, I was slightly dreading going to dimsum but I ended up having a really good time.

8 February 2007


Tonight, I did my first ever non-stop 5km loop around False Creek. Usually, I rest when I reach Cambie Bridge and Science World. But tonight, there were no rest stops.

I started at the dock in Alder Bay, then out to False Creek and headed east towards Science World where I made a U-turn to go back towards Cambie Bridge. I continued west until the buoy across from the Granville Island Hotel where I turned left to cross False Creek to head back to Alder Bay.

My time: 39 mins and 42 seconds. My target was 40 mins so I’m happy about coming in just below it. It was a very calm night and the water was so still. On a windy, choppy day my time would have been above 40 mins. But still, it’s not bad for my first 5km loop. At least, I have a benchmark to work off of. By the end of the year, I should be closer to 35 mins. That’s the goal anyway, something to shoot for.

6 February 2007

A milestone

I am attending a seminar next Friday, Feb 16, which is Day 12 of my 12-day D-Tox program. I just called the company hosting the seminar to inquire about the lunch that will be served. I need to know if I’ll be able to eat anything they will serve.

I never, ever imagined that I would be one of these people who would have “special needs” for their food. I have certainly reached a new milestone for myself today. Too funny.

5 February 2007

Winter cleaning

Today is Day 1 of our 12-day Wild Rose D-Tox program. Ed was keen to do it and I volunteered to do the D-Tox with him since the diet is the big thing about the program. If I was going to worry about the food, then I may as well to the whole damn thing too. Plus after coming back from Warrenville, where I consumed restaurant food for 13 days, I felt really yucky inside.

So, here we are, eating super healthy meals with no additives or processed anything. We’re allowed to eat as much as we’d like but from a list of allowed and recommended items like buckwheat, brown rice, beans, fish, vegetables, etc. Unfortunately, chips are under the “not allowed” list. Rice cakes with almond butter just doesn’t sound as enticing as cheese puffs.

The biggest adjustment is the planning for meals and snacks since we will not have the luxury of take out or granola bars. But, it is only for 12 days. Totally manageable! At least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself until we’re done.