5 April 2014

I miss my cats

It's been a year since we gave up our cats, Bob and Neo, for adoption.  Sophia is allergic to cat hair and after she developed asthma last year (and after three visits to the ER at Children's Hospital) I knew it was time to find new homes for our cats.  I was heart-broken and twelve months later, I have to say I still am heart-broken.  I couldn't even blog about it last year because I was so traumatized.  I still tear up whenever I think of them.  And there are times when I open the door to go outside and I find myself hoping that Neo or Bob would find their way back home to our house and I would find them sitting there, waiting for me to pick them up and hug them.  I really miss them.

Nikki Forbes from Action for Animals found new homes for them and she assured me that their new families are loving and will take very good care of my cats.  That is a big comfort to me.  And I hope Bob and Neo never have to find new owners again because I am sure losing us was as traumatic, if not more so, for them as it was for us losing them.  At least we understood what was going on; they were probably very confused and scared.  That is what breaks my heart the most.

I like to think they are loved and spoiled by their new owners.  They are wonderful cats and they deserve nothing less.  We miss them so much!

Bob loved to snuggle with me in bed or the sofa.

Neo loved to lounge on the kitchen counter.