8 July 2015

Sophia's graduation #1

A couple of weeks ago, Sophia had her graduation from the 3-5 Early Child Care Program at Collingwood Neighbourhood House.  I hope it is the first of many graduations for her.  Sophia started going to the group daycare at CNH when she was 13 months old, first in the Infant program, then the Toddler program, and finally the 3-5 program.  I consider ourselves extremely lucky for getting a spot at the daycare as the waitlist is long and many families don’t get a spot when they need it.  All three programs are very well-managed, and the teachers are really good and dedicated.  It is a fantastic daycare and Sophia loves it there.  I have thanked my lucky stars many, many times over the last four years that my daughter gets to go to such a wonderful place on workdays.

The kids who will be going to kindergarten come September got to participate in the graduation ceremony.  They wore a gown and cap, marched into the room in a line, and sang four songs for their family and friends who attended (complete with actions, of course).  Then they received a certificate and a present from the teachers (a book).

I know a lot of people find it hilarious that a 4-year old would have a graduation from daycare (I do!) but it does make it more fun for the kids.  And I think it helps the kids accept that they will soon be leaving daycare, and all their friends, and they will be going to a new school to meet new teachers and classmates.  Sophia did not like the idea of going to kindergarten at the start of the year (she said she was scared) but since they started prepping for their graduation, she has become more accepting of the fact that she will be going to a different school in a few weeks.

Even though the graduation ceremony is in June, most of the kids are staying on until the end of August.  But I am already starting to feel sad about leaving CNH daycare.  Our experience with CNH has be awesome, Sophia’s teachers have been amazing, and our little daycare community feels safe and comfortable.  I have known some of Sophia’s friends since they were one year old.  I am going to miss seeing them everyday.

The grad photo!

Getting ready to sing.

Double Trouble