31 August 2012

Happy 2nd birthday, Sophia!

This is a catch-up post for Sophia's birthday, which was almost a month ago now.  It's been a busy month!  Anyway, we didn't have a big celebration for her 2nd birthday.  In fact, we spent most of her actual birthday in the car, driving to Shuswap Lake.  We did manage to organize a birthday cake snack at Sophia's daycare the day before.  Everybody sang "happy birthday" to her and then we all enjoyed a little bit of chocolate cake.  Sophia seemed thrilled by it all, so I don't feel too bad about not organizing anything more elaborate.

Here's a slideshow of the pics from her daycare birthday snack celebration:

By the way, that birthday balloon didn't stay with us very long.  It went up, up and away about an hour after this celebration, which caused a few tears from the birthday girl.  Oh well, at least it made it into a few photos.

28 August 2012

Flower girl dress

My sister-in-law, Christine, is getting married in Trinidad this coming January and she has asked for Sophia to be a flower girl.  So last week, I took Sophia to a local bridal store, Frocks, to try on some dresses.  I chose a dress made of 100% silk because I want Sophia to be comfortable in the Trinidadian heat.  The moment she put the dress on, a big smile appeared on her face, and she started prancing around the room.  She twirled in front of the mirror and even went as far as giving herself a kiss on the mirror.  I stood back and watched with amusement at how much she was enjoying this dress.  She is such a girly girl!

 I took a video so that Christine could see the dress.  Here it is..

2 August 2012

Reno update #3

The kitchen cabinet shelves, doors and handles are installed.  Walls are painted.  Now, we just need the darn countertop!  We have given up on Cambria delivering the quartz counter we ordered anytime soon and decided to go with granite instead.  Ed and I went to Margranite's showroom this morning and picked out the slab we liked for our kitchen.  It's a New Azul Aran granite and we love it.  It actually looks more beautiful and interesting than the quartz we initially chose.  And more importantly, they have it in stock and our fabricator can start working on our counter within the next few days.

Doors and handles installed in kitchen

Cabinet and tile floor installed in bathroom

New Azul Aran granite

1 August 2012

New toy

I have a new toy - a Canon PowerShot S100. With a diaper bag as my main accessory nowadays, I don’t have room to carry around my DSLR camera with me. I still want the photo quality I get from the SLR, which neither my mobile phone nor my point-and-shoot camera, a Canon PowerShot SD600, can deliver. A friend, who is knowledgeable about photography, recommended the Canon S95, which he owns and is quite happy with. It takes really good photos in low light and allows me to control the aperture and shutter speed. It can also shoot HD videos. Plus, it is the size of a point-and-shoot camera. Perfect! Canon recently released the S100 and that is what I ending up buying. I just received it last Monday and am still getting used to the controls and the feel of the camera but so far, I am very happy with the photo quality and the speed with which it takes photos. Here are some I’ve shot since Monday.