27 December 2013

Christmas Day

Sophia put two things on her Santa list this year - pony and make-up.  I am not sure where the pony request came from.  The make-up, well, she's been using her markers to colour her nails, hands, feet, and face for a few months now.  I do not know where the fascination with make-up and nail polish comes from because I don't wear make-up nor do I paint my nails.  Anyway, for her presents, Santa brought  her a pink My Little Pony toy and face paint (Santa agreed that Sophia is way too young to wear make-up!).  When she unwrapped the face paint, she wanted me to put some colour on her eyes.  I obliged and let her choose a colour.  She chose brown and kept the colour on the entire day.  So all her photos from Christmas day look pretty silly.

She does look like she has eye shadow on.

Her silly eyes

Enjoying all the toys she received.

A Purdy's ribbon turned head band.

Playing hair stylist with Mommy.
Our Christmas morning and early afternoon were lazy and relaxing.  We opened presents and played with Sophia's new toys.  Then at 3pm, we started to prepare for our family Christmas dinner and things got pretty busy.  After our guests left, we finished cleaning up, then we had to pack for our trip to Revelstoke.  It made for a long day but it was still a good day.  We still had a happy Christmas.

25 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Santa's presents have been delivered and are waiting for Princess Sophia under the tree.  Ingredients for our Christmas breakfast and the Lorico family Christmas dinner are ready.  I'm looking forward to a joyous, lazy and relaxing Christmas day.

Merry Christmas!

24 December 2013

Not going to make it

I was aiming to beat the number of posts I did last year (38) and in the summer, I was on track to do it.  But I am not going to make it, unless I write 11 posts in 7 days.  That is simply not going to happen.  I used to write my posts during my lunch breaks.  Alas, my new, much busier role at work has made taking lunch breaks that are longer than 15 minutes quite rare.  And in the evenings, the 1.5 hour I have between the time Sophia goes to bed and the time I need to be in bed is filled with chores.  And why do I need to be in bed?  Because I have a 6am workout at the gym and getting enough sleep is always a priority.

My last post was over six weeks ago.  I don't think I've ever gone that long without posting anything since I started this blog in 2005.  I feel sad that I have not managed to find the time to sit, get my thoughts together, and put them on "paper".  Writing helps me decompress and clear my mind.  I feel that I am losing out on something important to me.  It is just so challenging to fit it all in.  How do other parents do it, I wonder.  Work/life balance is an illusive thing.  I wish I had the answer.