11 January 2013

Trinidad Wedding

We welcomed 2013 somewhere over Ontario, while on a WestJet flight from Toronto to Port of Spain, Trinidad.  We were going to attend my sister-in-law's wedding and post-wedding celebrations.  Sophia was going to be a flower girl at the wedding and was quite excited about the trip. “We going to Trinidad?”, she would ask everyday. I finally introduced the “x more sleeps” countdown to give her some idea about when we were leaving.

The wedding and reception were great! Christine, the bride, looked stunning and very happy. Omar, the groom, looked ecstatic, too. Sophia looked so cute in her flower girl dress. I had to walk down the aisle with Sophia during the ceremony. I coaxed her to walk on her own but she refused. Holding my hand, she marched confidently and looked up at the guests. She actually didn’t want to leave the aisle once we got to the front.

The bridal party’s dance performance during the reception and Sophia’s dance performance on the dance floor were the highlights of the evening. The reception was fun and lively. Carol, Christine’s maid of honour, put together a very touching slide show for the couple. The food was delicious and the calypso music got everybody dancing. Sophia couldn’t get enough of the calypso music. She was hilarious! I was carrying her while I danced and she was all calm and quiet. I asked her if she wanted to dance, too, and she said yes so I put her down. Then the dancing queen in her just came out! It was like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Too funny!

I am very happy for Christine and Omar. Congratulations to the happy couple!  Here are some pics from the wedding day...

All doneGetting our flower girl readyFlower girlRing bearer and flower girlBride and groomVows
Party time for the flower girlWith momELSELSWith dadJ and dad
CheersAuntie M and JMaid of honourHappy coupleHappy coupleGetting tired
With Auntie MBride and dadDance with dadBunny earsMom and UncleBridal party dance
C&O's Wedding, a set on Flickr.