28 October 2009

Pig Tail Gallery?

A Flickr user just added a photo of me and my pig tails to Peter's Pig Tail Gallery. Weird!

Tired of pony tails

17 October 2009

Surf ski clinic

On Oct 11, I went to beautiful Deep Cove in North Vancouver to participate in a surf ski clinic. The air was chilly (we need wet suits to keep us from freezing) but the sun was shining. It was a fantastic day to be out on the water and learn how to paddle in a surf ski.

It was my first time on a surf ski and I was nervous about flipping the boat and falling in the water. The water is cold and it is a very tippy boat. I picked a surf ski for beginners, which means it is relatively more stable. I learned how to get in the boat and how to get out. My balance was very shaky at first, mainly because I was so tense. The instructor told me to not be so stiff. It’s tricky because I had to keep my core very steady to balance myself but stay relaxed at the same time. He also made me rock the boat from side to side to show me that even if the boat goes on its side a little bit, it’s easy to correct it and recover. At first I was barely moving the boat side to side and he was like “Come on, you can do better than that!”. So I took a deep breath and forced my tense shoulders to relax. I figured that the worse thing that can happen is I fall in the water and I get wet. I have a wet suit on so I won’t freeze anyway. So, whatever, I told myself. Just move those hips, Liezel! And he was right. When the boat rolls to the side, there is a point where the boat settles and stops rolling. The boat is like 45deg with the water but if I just keep my shoulders parallel with the water, the boat doesn’t flip over. But I can only keep my shoulders parallel with the water and my hips 45deg with the water if I am relaxed!

The paddling stroke is exactly like what I learned in my kayak lessons a couple of years ago and it was good to have a refresher. I haven’t really practiced paddling in a kayak and I found that I have forgotten a lot of things about the stroke. I paddled round and round near the dock in Deep Cove and gradually felt more and more comfortable. We also learned how to get back into the boat in the event that we do fall in. With that knowlegde and feeling more confident about my balance, my circles got bigger and farther away from shore as the morning went by. It was so much fun! Definitely have to take a surf ski out again but I’ll wait until spring when it’s warmer. I’m so glad I signed up for the clinic. Paddling in Deep Cove is such a wonderful way to spend a morning.

(Thanks to Adrienne for the photo.)

13 October 2009

Dubrovnik sunset

Dubrovnik Old Town and sunset

I was in a moving bus and after a lot of blurry shots, I captured a good one. This is sunset in Dubrovnik. Sigh, wish I were still there...

Our Croatia pictures are now in our Flickr site. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

5 October 2009

Vancouver sunset

I went OC6 paddling tonight and the sunset was spectacular. It looked like the sky was on fire. On nights like this, I feel so lucky to be living in Vancouver. Well, I always feel lucky to be living in Vancouver, but especially on nights like tonight.

Too bad I didn’t have my camera but it looked like this.