19 December 2007

New floor!

No more shag... Kind of sad, but not really. Instead we have this -

The wood is Acacia, which is a common wood in the Philippines. Very hard and dense. We like the distinct wood pattern and are quite happy with our choice.

Next up over the holidays, painting and new curtains for our room. When will this home reno business end?!?!?

7 December 2007

Topsy turvy

Last weekend, Ed and Brian added a cable outlet to the east wall of our living room. The existing outlet is on the west wall and I wanted it on the opposite wall so that we can utilize the space in the room better. Here's what the room looked like with the TV on the east side of the room:

I am very happy with this layout. But I will have to wait a few days to enjoy the room again. This week, we are getting new hardwood flooring installed upstairs, hence, we've had to clear out all our stuff from up there and spread it around other parts of the house. As of this morning, this is how our living room looks like:

A small price to pay for getting this beautiful, original 70's shag carpet replaced with hardwood:

Pics of the new floor to come next week...