27 March 2015

Into Skating

We went ice skating on Family Day (Feb 9) because our friend, Yvette, rented the ice rink and shared it with family and friends.  We found out the day before that there would be no skate rentals available so like crazed parents, we went around the city looking for skates that fit Sophia’s slender feet.  We ended up finding a pair at Cyclone Taylor Sports.  It set us back $80, which I was pretty choked about, but we really wanted to go skating and it is hard to find footwear that fit Sophia’s feet.  So, fine, I said.  Let’s just buy the freakin’ skates.

Fast forward six weeks and I feel better about the skates.  Sophia has really taken to skating and we’ve been going to public skate once a week since that Family Day.  Her balance is pretty good and so is her coordination.  She’s going faster each week. She can even go backwards a little bit now (she wiggles her bum side to side).  She really enjoys her time on the ice and I love watching her motor around the rink.  It’s funny how thrilling it is to see your child improving at something they enjoy doing.  

Sophia’s motivation seems to be her desire to be in an ice show just like Minnie Mouse.  We went to see Disney on Ice before Christmas and it sparked her interest in ice skating.  She sometimes asks how good she has to be so she can be in an ice show.  Haha.  I tell her the only way to get better is to keep practicing.  And as long as she enjoys it, I’ll keep taking her to the rink.  Good thing thing I love to skate, too.

Showing off her new skates!

A friend from daycare was at the rink, too.

In skating lesson

On the big ice

18 March 2015

Best buds

Gabi and Sophia have attended the same daycare since they were around 1 year old.  They drive each other crazy but also enjoy each other's company immensely.  Here are some pics of them growing up together...