19 November 2007

iPod touch surprise

I came in to work on this wet and gray Monday morning and found a very nice gift on my desk. An iPod Touch! It's a thank you gift from Navarik for all the hard work that has gone into creating and building our product - Navarik Inspection.

I've been with Navarik for seven years (longest I've ever worked in one company) and it remains such a great place to work. I truly am lucky to have a job that I thoroughly enjoy and to be in a company that makes me feel very much appreciated.

Go, Navarik!

16 November 2007

New toy

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a new software for my Garmin 301 GPS system. Ascent organizes the data collected by my GPS while I’m training and I can use it to study how I’m progressing.

The main screen shows a calendar of the activities downloaded from my GPS. When I select a specific activity, it shows the speed, pace, distance, time, heartrate, etc. Every little thing I’d like to know about my run or paddle. The map is really good too because if I click on a particular lap or distance in the list below the calendar, it highlights on the map where that lap or distance was.

There is a full view of the just the map. Very entertaining to see how far (or not) I went. In this one, I was in an OC6 and we paddled from Burrard Marina to Stanley Park past Siwash Rock and close to the Lion’s Gate Bridge. The view of the city from the water is fantastic. As you can see from the image above, we paddled around 10 km that morning.

The activity detail graph is what I find really useful. I can study my speed or pace over time or distance, which is really helpful when training. Or for races, the coach can see how the team did at different legs of the course. Pretty neat tool. The green line graphs the speed and the red line graphs my heart rate.

I like my new toy. I could spend hours just analyzing the data collected by my Garmin. Geeky fun!

8 November 2007

Silvia Dotto pottery

When “someday” becomes today...

For the past five or six year, I’ve attended Circle Craft every November. And every year, I go to Silvia Dotto’s display to admire her work. And every year, I tell myself that someday, I will have a few of Silvia’s serving dishes. Someday. Two years ago, Yvette had the bright idea of asking Ed to get a flat platter for my birthday. I absolutely loved the platter and have used it many times since. (Thanks, Vet and Ed!)

A few days ago, I got an email about the up-coming Culure Crawl from Silvia and she announced that after more than 10 years of making them, she will be retiring her serving collection. She will be putting her creative energies into new endeavours. My initial reaction was NO!!! Her pottery is so beautiful. But I can understand her need for more artistic challenges.

I decided that I have to get one more piece before they go away. (Ed agreed!) So last night, I went to her studio to pick out another platter. Well, I ended up buying a bowl (in aqua) AND a platter (in espresso brown). It was just so hard to pick just one. Totally not budgetted whatsoever but I didn’t really care. These pieces are what heirlooms are made of. And they will be put to good use.

I parked them on our dining table last night and just stared at them with a smile on my face. Someday is today. And it felt really good.

4 November 2007

Neo going for a walk

Whenever I mention that I take my cats out for a walk, people chuckle. They think it's weird. Well, both my cats love going outside for a little stroll. Of course, they would love it more if I just let them roam by themselves but they are indoor cats and the only way I would let them out is if they have a leash on.

Here's a photo of Neo on our evening stroll. So cute!

Navarik Halloween

Navarik Halloween, originally uploaded by Liezel&Ed.

Several Navarik folks donned their costumes in hopes of winning the best costume award, plus to have some Halloween fun. Congratulations to Dave K. (winner) and Randy R. (runner-up) for the win.

My faves were Noel's Obi-Wan Kenobi and Andy's samurai. Noel's wife actually sewed the robe, with lining so that it's not itchy to wear! Thumbs up from me.