15 May 2012

Bye bye bike

I sold my motorcycle, a Suzuki GS500, a couple of weeks ago.  I bought the bike in 1997, thinking that I would upgrade to a newer, bigger bike after two to three years, but I really enjoyed riding my bike that I just hung on to her all these years.  I haven’t ridden the last few years and the bike has been sitting in our basement and garage.  Even though I wasn’t riding (being pregnant and having the baby can do that), I just couldn’t let my bike go.  But finally, the wish for my bike to be on the road again, doing her thing, pushed me into action.  I found a good home for her with new owners, Shannon and Trent.  I know my bike will be in good hands.

I felt sad when Trent rode off with my bike but happy, too, that she will be back on the road.  Bye bye, Suzie.  You were an awesome bike and I will miss you!

I asked Ed to take photos of me during my last ride...
 Last ride 

Last ride