31 March 2013

Celebrating 10 years being married

Ed and I reached a big milestone this month - our tenth wedding anniversary! In some ways, our wedding day seems like a long time ago but in many ways, it seems like it was just a year ago. Cherry blossoms will always remind me of that cold, cloudy morning in March 2003. The ceremony was scheduled for 11:30am and a luncheon followed from noon to 4pm. Both were held at the Robson Manor in New Westminster.

I had my hair and make-up done at an ungodly hour (I remember it was still dark). Ed and the groom’s men picked us (me and my bride’s maids) in a huge SUV and we all piled in. Josh, the best man, drove and I sat in the passenger seat.  Everyone else (six of them) were seated in the back. I remember everyone laughing a lot. We met up with our photographer at around 8:30am at the Burnaby Heritage Village and spent the rest of the morning taking photos. We then headed to Robson Manor for the ceremony and luncheon.

That night, we hosted a house party for our friends who we couldn’t invite to the luncheon. We had a keg of beer, lots more of other booze, and a lot of finger foods. I recall the party being a lot of fun. It was a blur after a while. heehee

Ed and I have much to celebrate. We have built a very good life together and remain very committed to each other. Our marriage has had many happy times and also many bumps, but not being together has never been an option for either one of us. We like being together, remain happy with each other, and make a pretty good team. We shared many years where it was just the two of us. We were too busy having too much fun traveling, paddling, working that having a baby seemed like such an intrusion to our fun life. And Sophia did prove to be a huge intrusion but it’s all good. Three is not a crowd. Three actually makes me and Ed more complete.

Congratulations to me and Ed! I am thankful for all that we have experienced together and am positive that the next ten years will be even better. I love you, Ed! I really am a lucky girl.

Some photos from our wedding day: (photo credit to Josh B.)

26 March 2013

Spring time (mess) is here

When Sophia and I get home from daycare (I pick her up after work), her task is to take her shoes off before going upstairs.  I proceed ahead to the kitchen upstairs to get dinner organized.  Once she has finished taking her shoes off, she follows me upstairs.  Yesterday, I noticed that her socks were dirty.

Me: "It looks like you played in the sand box today". (as I pointed to her socks)
S: "I play in sand box.  And I take off my shoes downstairs, I emptied it."
Me: "You emptied your shoes?"  (uh-oh, I was thinking)
S: "Yes, downstairs." (Looking quite proud of herself.)

I go and check it out.  Sure enough, there was a little pile of sand at the bottom of the stairs.  Spring time is here!