18 December 2006

Going, going, not going

I was scheduled to go on a week long business trip today. Found out about it last Tuesday. Then found out at 8pm last night that the trip was canceled. Whew. Going away meant I'd be flying back on Friday evening, then heading out to Spokane, WA first thing on Saturday, the prospect of which didn't thrill me at all. So, I'm glad I am staying in town. And I get to attend Elijah's 1-month celebration tonight. Yay.

13 December 2006

89 years old

Ed's paternal grandmother recently celebrated birthday number 89! Grandma was originally from Trinidad and then moved to China with Ed's grandfather and their three kids. When the communists took over China, the family moved to Hongkong. I believe, from Hongkong. Grandma moved to Vancouver to live with her daughter, Aunt Jennifer.

She's in pretty good health still and always in good spirits. 89 years! All the grandchildren had to serve her tea before dinner started. I think she enjoyed that.

I wonder if I'll get to live as long. And if so, will I be in good spirits at all. Or will I be the grumpy old woman with the surly disposition. hahaha

12 December 2006

Getting ready

December has always been a busy month. My birthday and then Christmas. This year, I asked Ed if we can celebrate my birthday by going skating. I am not playing hockey anymore and I really miss being on the ice. Skating is one of those things I truly enjoy. Luckily, there is public skating at a nearby community centre on Friday evening. And then after skating, Ed is taking me out for some Cambodian food. Should be interesting...

For Christmas, we will be spending a few days with our friends Lizza and Pat who live near Spokane, WA. The plan for Christmas day is to go enjoy the slopes at Schweitzer resort in Idaho. This will be a little get-away for me and Ed; I am very excited.

Our super generous friend, Kim, has agreed to keep our kitties company while we’re gone. (Thanks, Kim!) I wish we could take the cats with us but they would probably respond with stress attacks. Plus Pat is allergic so their house is a no-cat zone. On the bright side, they get to snuggle with auntie Kim for a few days!

Now, I am getting Christmas cards and gifts organized. We’ve put up the Christmas tree and some other decorations. We’ve been pigging out since the start of the month. Yes, we’re really into the yuletide spirit now!