24 June 2009

A date with Jude Law

In July of last year, I was in London for work and I bought a ticket for a show that I wanted to see that weekend. It was for Hamlet, starring Jude Law. I bought the ticket through lastminute.com, for what I thought was the matinee show in two days. I realized the next day that I misread the date. I was a year off! I thought I was buying a ticket for a show on July 19, 2008 but the show is actually on July 19, 2009. Yes, it was a major Doh! moment. I guess lastminute.com is not so lastminute after all.

I had planned on giving the ticket to Bill, my colleague who lives in London. At least someone will get to enjoy Hamlet and the ticket won’t go to waste! But I found out this morning that I will be going to London for meetings on July 16 and 17. How opportune is that?!? My lucky stars are smiling down on me today. My date with Jude Law is still on!

18 June 2009

Comfy sleep

I’ve been wanting to replace the mattress in our guest bedroom for a while now. I feel bad for our guests because you can feel the springs when you lay down on that mattress. We finally made the purchase a couple of weeks ago and we now have a new mattress. We moved our very comfy Obus Forme mattress from our bedroom to the guest bedroom and the new one is now in our bedroom. The new mattress, though, is higher than the Obus Forme one. Worse, the new boxspring is also taller than the old one. So now, Ed and I feel a little too close to the ceiling! Thankfully, The Bay is exchanging the boxspring with a “low profile” one, free of charge. So that will lower the whole thing by a few inches. Also, we will have to buy sheets with a deeper fit than the ones we have. The new mattress is 17 inches high because of the Euro-top thingy. So far, the new mattress has been very comfortable to sleep on. My back is happy. And our guests will be, too.

8 June 2009

Europe 2009

Ed made it to the dragon boat team that will compete at the World Championships in Prague this August. He gets to be in Team Canada! Congratulations, babe! Well done! Ed’s been working so hard to qualify and I’m really happy that all that work has paid off.

The good news for me is I get to go to Prague, too! As a cheerleader, this time, not as a paddler. It’ll be a lot of fun watching the top teams in the world compete against each other. After the races are done, Ed and I will travel for another three weeks. We know that we will end the trip in Rome since that is where we are flying home from. But we haven’t decided exactly where we will go in between Prague and Rome. A month in Europe! I’m so excited!

6 June 2009


On June 2, I went to watch a Vancouver Whitecaps game at Swanguard stadium in Burnaby. It was my first time watching a professional soccer league game. The Whitecaps played against the team from Toronto and they won the game, 2-0. It was a good game; quite entertaining. The only thing missing were the replays of the goals. They need to put a big screen in that stadium where replays can be shown!

5 June 2009

OC time trial

Last night, I did my first time trial for this year. A 5km loop from Alder Bay to Science World and back using an OC1. Did it in 33mins 19secs. Whew! That's not bad for a first time. But now, I just have to get faster...