30 March 2008


This weekend, I decided to explore places outside of London. I’ve been here several times already and I’ve always stayed in central London because there is so much to see and do here. But this time, I decided to visit the coast of England, to see the sea and the cliffs. I headed to Brighton, an hour south of London by train.

It wasn’t raining but it was a gray, windy day. The sound of the waves and the wind was almost deafening. Brighton is a touristy seaside town with an amusement park on a pier, ocean-front hotels and restaurants, a maze of shops and pubs, and a royal pavilion. It is so quaint but over-the-top at the same time. I walked along the beach, enjoying the wind and the sound of waves. I walked along the Brighton Pier and saw the white cliffs in the distance. I toured the Royal Pavilion which was the built by King George IV. I browsed the shops in the Lanes and enjoyed some Cornish pasty. All in all, a very good day.

March 29 is also my wedding anniversary. 5 years! Unfortunately, Ed and I are not celebrating the day together this year since I’m here and he’s in Vancouver. But that’s okay, we’ll celebrate when I get back home next week. I know that Brighton would have been more fun if Ed were with me.

More pics here.

7 March 2008

Grown up furniture

When Ed and I moved into our townhouse in 2005, we decide to graduate from Ikea furniture. Grown up furniture is how I refer to non-Ikea furniture. Grown-up furniture means they are made from solid wood, are meant to survive more than one move, and last for years and years. They also mean more money. So slowly, we’ve been furnishing our home with grown-up furniture.

Our latest grown-up furniture is a bedroom set. For both Ed and me, this is the first time that we have a bed frame for our mattress. In addition to the bed frame, we bought two night tables and a six-drawer dresser. It’s made by a Quebec company, Baronet, and is made of solid maple. The collection is called Java 25.

This was an impulsive purchase. We knew we needed a bedroom set. We just didn’t really have a set plan to purchase one right away. But Ed wanted to go shopping one recent Sunday afternoon and before we knew it, we were putting down a deposit. And yesterday, our grown-up bedroom set settled nicely into our masters bedroom.

Funny thing I noticed this morning - when I sit on the bed with my feet hanging, my feet are about a foot from the floor!