29 December 2009

T&T visit

We are spending the Christmas season with Ed's family in Trinidad. The last time Ed spent Christmas here, he was still a teenager. Of course, the main focus is to spend time with his immediate and extended family. The next thing on the list is to eat as much local food as we can. Authentic Trini food is hard to find in Vancouver.

The weather is very warm but there is a nice breeze that makes the heat tolerable. Air conditioning is everywhere and that helps, too. Our first few days here, we hung out with family. This week, we started doing touristy things. Last Monday, we went on a tour of Caroni swamp and saw the scarlet ibis, blue heron, osprey, a crocodile, and other interesting creatures. We've visited two shopping malls so far. We also spent a day at Pigeon Point, a beach in Tobago which is a 20 min plane ride from Trinidad. Tomorrow, we're going to Maracas, a popular beach in Trinidad.

It's been a relaxing trip and our weight gain is proof enough! The days are going by so quickly, though. I'm not really looking forward to being back in cold weather again.