30 July 2012

Choo choo

We recently met up with Yvette, Aves, and Joshie at the train ride in Confederation Park. It was Sophia’s first time there and I knew she would enjoy riding the train. She loves the book “The Little Engine That Could” and says “choo, choo” repeatedly (complete with her arm going up and down) when I read her that story. The train at Confederation Park was a real treat for Sophia, especially getting to ride it with her friends Aves and Joshie.


Reno update - #2

According to the original schedule, we would have been preparing to move back into our townhouse this coming weekend. However, due to the countertop material being delayed by three weeks (the manufacturer, Cambria, is having factory trouble), we are looking at moving back in late August instead. All the work that can be done has been done - plumbing, electrical, tile floor, kitchen cabinets, lights, and painting, There wasn’t any work done at our place all of last week because our contractor is just waiting for the counters. Sigh…

Ed and I are very happy with the work done to date and are also relieved that our design choices are visually and functionally appealing.  It's quite exciting to see it come together.
Cabinets and pot lights installed.

29 July 2012

Sean's pool party

Two weeks ago, we went to Ed’s colleague’s beautiful house in West Vancouver, which has a magnificent view of Vancouver, to attend Sean’s annual pool party. We took Sophia last year, too, and I have to say it was much easier for me this time around. I had more time to chat with people and notice what was going on around me, instead of being completely focused on my baby. It was a hot, sunny day and Sophia loved playing in the pool. She spent over three hours in it (one in the morning and two in the afternoon). Ed tried to put her down for an afternoon nap but she refused to sleep. She just kept saying “pool, pool”. So we gave in, dressed her in her swimsuit again, and brought her back in the pool. She had so much fun. Unfortunately, since Ed and I were both in the pool with her, neither one of us remembered to take photos.

We fed Sophia dinner and got her ready for bed at Sean’s because we knew she would fall asleep in the car. Sure enough, not even two minutes into the drive home, Sophia fell asleep. It was a great day.