26 November 2009

This time last year...

...we were in Pergamon, Turkey. Ed and Julie was befriending the local animals. :)

The animals loved Ed

Julie and the donkey

12 November 2009

Little lady

I visited a refinery yesterday, to interview users of the system we are hoping to replace. These users work at the docks, inspecting cargoes being loaded or discharged to and from the refinery. They've been doing this job for over 30 years. As we were leaving, I shook hands with one of the men. With his Texan drawl, he said, "So long, little lady." Hahaha. So politically incorrect but I thought it was charming!

2 November 2009

Baby pics

My aunt, who is visiting from TO, dug up some pictures of me and my siblings when we were children. I have to say, I was a cute kid! :)

This is me at 11 months old with my mom and brother:
Mama, me, and my bro

I was celebrating my 3rd birthday. My birthday cake always had to have Christmas trees on it.
Happy 3rd birthday!

I was 4 years old, with my siblings and mom:
Me with my mom and siblings