31 December 2011

So long 2011

Sophia started the year learning how to sit up on her own and ended the year marching and running around the room.  Ed and I spent the year grappling with our new role as parents.  It was a learning year for all of us!

Here is a little video recapping our 2011 in pictures.   From Sophia's baptism in January to all our travels throughout the year and to the festivities of the Christmas season, I am very grateful for all that 2011 brought us.

12 December 2011

Baby proofing FAIL

I asked Ed a few weeks ago to clear the bottom shelf in the kitchen of the liquor bottles he was storing there.  Well, he has been forgetting to do so and last week, I was preparing dinner when I heard clink-clink from around the corner.   I found this...  Oops!

9 December 2011

iPad surprise

In 2004, it was an iPod Shuffle.  In 2007, it was an iPod Touch.  And in 2011, it is an iPad!  The wonderful tradition of receiving cool presents in Navarik continues.  Thank you, Navarik!  This is truly an awesome gift.

Me and my new iPad
Gifts from Navarik, past and present