27 March 2007

New hairdo

I haven't changed hair style in a while - I went from long hair to a bob cut around two years ago. I decided recently that it was time to grow my hair again. So yesterday, my fabulous stylist, Sylvia, suggested I go for the hot look of the season - the blunt bangs. I was feeling adventurous so I said "sure!".

There you have it... A new look. I like it! I hope you do, too. :)

23 March 2007

New desk

This is my fourth desk location since Navarik moved to this office in May 2005. Just an hour ago, I moved my stuff from desk #3 to desk #4. It’s creepy how dusty everything gets around here. One good thing about moving is you get the chance to wipe the entire desk down and catch all those dust bunnies lurking behind the monitor.

I’ll have to check if my new desk is feng shui approved.

20 March 2007

Scary ATM

I went to visit my mom and brother in Richmond last weekend. Hung out at my mom’s place for a few hours, exchanging stories, catching up. We started talking about my dad and she said that my dad relies on my older sister to withdraw money from the bank for him because he’s afraid to use the ATM. I found this absurd. I mean, before retiring in the 90’s, my dad was a top executive at a bank. How could an ATM scare him? But my mom was insistent - it’s a machine, a computer, and we “older people” don’t know how to use it, she said. Then she admitted that she was scared to use the ATM, too, but she forced herself to do it. Her first two attempts, she made mistakes and got so rattled that she just strode off, leaving her withdrawn money in the machine. Good thing she withdrew just $20 each time.

I didn’t know what to say. I felt compassion for her and I was proud that in spite of her fear, she forced herself to keep up with the times by learning to use the ATM. But I also could not say that I understood, for I did not. I tried to think of something that would make me feel that way and I drew a blank. Maybe when I am my parents’ age I will know what it’s like. I hope not, though. I’d like to believe that my desire to figure things out will always overcome any fear of the unknown. That’s my hope, anyway.

5 March 2007

Warrenville, take 2

Been in Warrenville, IL since Feb 25 and tomorrow, I finally get to go home. I miss my boys - Ed, Neo, and Bob.

Like our visit here a month ago, this has been another food-fest. We have been eating very well and the portions here in the US is gigantic. So all that weight and fat I lost during our D-Tox cleanse are back, for sure. Oh well... Once again, I spent money on clothes. But this time around, I got to walk along the Magnificent Mile, and drive around the neighbourhood near Wrigley Field. We visited an area called Old Town, just north of the Chicago Loop, as well as a place called Geneva which is about a 15 min drive from Warrenville. Geneva is a quaint and picturesque village situated by the Fox river. Very pretty town. On a warmer day, walking along its pretty streets would have been a lot more enjoyable. As it was, we had to walk briskly because of the biting cold. But the thing that struck me the most was the blue, blue sky. Not a cloud in sight. It was a beautiful day.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my luggage will not weigh over 50 lbs or else they will charge me extra. I think it is in the high 40’s. I hope I’m right.