10 May 2010

Buying baby stuff

It is starting to sink in that it’s already May and the baby’s due date is 14 weeks away. It’s also starting to sink in that we should start doing and buying stuff to prepare for the baby’s arrival. I asked my friend Yvette if she had a list of essential stuff to buy for a new baby and she laughed. There is no list, she said. I insisted that millions of people have had babies; there must be a list somewhere. Fortunately, the Internet and Google agree with me. There are lots of lists out there and I’ve managed to put one together for myself. I like lists. I function better when I have a list to work with.

But before we go and buy the baby stuff, we need to clear out the baby room. Well, it’s still called my craft room. I designated a room in our house as my craft room in the hope that it will inspire me to be more crafty. Hasn’t really worked and it’s become more of a storage room than a craft room. But soon, it will be the baby room. Time to clear out my junk so all the new baby stuff will have a place to go.

A few weeks ago, Ed and I were in a baby store looking for a gift for Yvette’s daughter. We decided to look at the cribs and strollers while we were there and we looked like deer caught in headlights. This is definitely a whole new world, full of lingo we don’t quite yet understand. It is intimidating but I’m sure we’ll get the hang of it soon.

9 May 2010

Ed's birthday

Ed got this as a birthday gift from our friend Lester. It says on the package, “If the Weener Kleener ever becomes stuck, soak area with COLD water”. Hilarious gift! Happy birthday, Ed!

A bday gift from Lester

3 May 2010

My bedfellow Neo

My snuggling cat Neo
I am sick today and my cats are keeping me company in bed.