30 July 2014

Conference call

On Wednesday and Thursday mornings, at 8am, I have conference calls with customers.  I usually take the calls at home and so when Sophia comes downstairs for breakfast, she finds me on the phone.  She knows to stay quiet while I am on the calls.  Sometimes, she sits on my lap quietly, just listening to the conversation.

This morning, I left for work earlier than usual and took the call at work.  At about 9am, I called home to say good morning to Ed and Sophia, before they left for daycare.  As Sophia and I were chatting, she says, “Mommy, are we on a conference call right now?”.  Hahaha

Too cute.  It makes me wonder, though, is it alright for my 3-year old to have the phrase “conference call” in her vocabulary?  

25 July 2014

Shuswap Lake

Our good friends, Len and Shirley, invite us every year to spend a few days at their home at Shuswap Lake. We are always thrilled to go because we get to spend quality time with awesome friends, and we have tons of fun in and out of the lake. This year, we stayed from Friday to Tuesday, so we had three full days to relax and enjoy (less the two travel days). The weather has been quite hot this summer and the lake is quite comfortable to swim in. Len took us out on a boat ride and much to our surprise, Sophia agreed to go on the tube with me and Ed. Len pulled the tube slowly and gently, to not scare Sophia. We said it was like a bouncy castle on the water. Ed and I also took the Seadoo for a spin (yes, they have a lot of toys at the lake!) and visited the floating gas station in the middle of the lake. Sophia had a good time playing with Selena and Stephanie; they even built a clubhouse (no grown-ups allowed) in the game room, under the air hockey table. It was fun to just chill, hang out, and not feel rushed by meetings or appointments or daycare pick-up/drop-off for a few days. I definitely needed that break.

Thanks, Len and Shirley, for being so generous in sharing your home with us!

19 July 2014

Birthday card for Uncle Chris

Sophia is starting to write letters and this is the most she has written so far in one sitting. She really wanted to make a card for her Uncle Chris. I had to help her write the letter S, but aside from that, she wrote by herself. I would write the letter first on a different piece of paper and I give cue words, like "up, down, and a bridge" when I write the letter A. Then she follows "up, down, and a bridge" as she writes A on her own. So far, that has been working for her. It's been fun helping and watching her learn.

Oh yeah, happy birthday, Uncle Chris!