27 September 2015

2015 Camping trips #2, #3, #4

Am so behind on blogging that I will have to do an all in one post about our camping trips this past summer.  

Deception Pass
In the end of June, Sophia and I went with the Van Dops to Deception Pass for three nights.  Ed was in Ontario competing at a dragon boat competition so it was just me and Sophia who went.  There is a lake near the camp ground that was quite ideal for kids.  The water was warm and shallow.  The kids had great fun playing with the inflatable orca whale, which the girls named Dolfina.  They thought was a dolphin at first, hence, the name.  The kids played a lot around the campsite and rode their bikes around and around the campground.  And since the Van Dop trailer was hooked up to an electrical outlet, the kids also had a little time for a movie and the iPad.  

Alice Lake
In mid-August, Ed, Sophia, and I went to Alice Lake with the Van Dops, Blommesteins, and LeWongs for a couple of nights.  It was chilly and cloudy so we did not go swimming in the lake.  We went hiking, instead, around Alice Lake and Stump Lake.  Thankfully, it did not rain.  And thankfully, the Van Dops have a propane camp fire thingy and we were able to keep warm around the fire.  

Lake Wenatchee
The last weekend of August, we made the drive to Lake Wenatchee for three nights of camping.  It was the same group that went to Alice Lake, plus we were joined by Vangie, Skye, and the Lindners.  This is our third year going to Lake Wenatchee.  The first year, it was super windy and it was too cold to swim in the lake,  Last year, the weather was awesome and we spent a lot of time in the lake.  This year, it was cold and raining on and off all weekend.  Alas, we could not play in the lake.  We found other things to do like horseback riding and playing in the playground.  The kids also found a teeter totter made from logs and spent a lot of time playing on it.  

So many great memories are made in these camping trips. The kids will grow up with these fun memories of them camping and playing.  I love watching the kids get along well and do things that they were not able to do before.  As they get older and spend more time playing on their own, the adults have more time to relax, sit and chat with each other.  We all have such busy schedules that having a weekend here and there to slow down and just hang out with each other is wonderful.  These moments are definitely priceless.


Camille Cua said...

Looks like a lof of fun! I hope you remembered to bring a rice cooker haha

L Lorico said...

I'll make sure to add rice cooker to our camping list! haha